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Marriage and Pleasure I

Objekti festival, Espoon center

 Video screening and an installation 


The installation was done in collaboration with Espoo Kunsthalle, Catalysti transcultural arts organisation, presented performances, videos, installations and live music from national and international contemporary artists in the city of Espoo. This work has been the first part of a series of project titled Marriage & Pleasure, while artist use her memories and her multiple experiences of marriage and leftover objects as part of her artistic work, facing with marriage and its consequences. 

As first part of this series, Rahaa has used her actual wedding dress from Iran (in the image below) together with the text  which her first husband has put on her separated bedroom's door, asking her to change as prior condition for their marriage to continue. The text is actual document of his handwriting on a piece of paper.

Sepideh Rahaa, Marriage & Pleasure
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