Sepideh Rahaa  

Visual Artist

Curator & Collective member at Third Space gallery, Helsinki

Sepideh Rahaa (1981, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and educator based in Helsinki. Through her practice she actively investigates/questions prevailing power structures, social norms and conventions while focusing on womanhood, storytelling and everyday resistances. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral studies in Contemporary Art at Aalto University. Her research interests are matter of representation, collaboration as practice, decolonisation, feminist politics and intersectionality, global social justice, silenced histories and critical race studies in contemporary art. Her aim is to initiate methods within contemporary art to create space for dialogue. Since 2015, Rahaa has been actively participating in debates and taking action regarding the role of art institutions and collectives in Finnish art scene. She has been a member at Third Space Collective, Globe Art Point (since 2016, currently vice chair) and Nordic Network for Norm Critical Leadership (since 2018), among other collaborative and collective works.


Rahaa's artistic practice combines different disciplines including film and video, performance art, painting, poetry and photography. Her work has been exhibited and screened in Europe, East Asia and West Asia (politically known as the Middle East): Iran, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Germany (Berlin), Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.


Contact:  sepidehrahaa(at)  



2017-             Doctoral studies in Contemporary Art, Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

2016              Master's degree in Fine Art, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

2009-2012    Doctoral studies of Comparative Analytical Art History, Shahed University of Tehran, Iran

2008              Master's degree in Art & Research, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran

2005              Bachelor degree in Painting and Visual Arts, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran


2021  Mänttä XXV Art Festival, MOC collective, FI

2021  Artsi Art Museum, Vantaa, FI

2021  Co­lo­nial/​Ra­cial His­tor­ies, Na­tional Nar­rat­ives and Transna­tional Mi­gra­tion: Arts as a way of decolonizing knowledge, Organiser,

           moderator & discusser, Nordic Migration Research Conference, Helsinki University, FI


2019   In Transition, Pori Art Museum, FI

2017   A Dream, Solo exhibition, Galleria Espoonsilta, Espoo,FI

2017   Marriage & Pleasure, Kraam, Tallinn, EE

2016   A Dream That Came True? Part I & II, Myymälä 2, Helsinki, FI

2015   Matter of land, Third space, Helsinki, FI

2014   The Passage, Babel Gallery, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, NO

2013   Fire Trial, Powen Gallery, Taipei, TW

2013   Fire Trial, Moons art gallery, Taipei, TW

2005   Botiya Gallery of Art, Kerman, IR.


2020  Exhibition  This Is How We Walk on the Moon curated by Elina Suoyrjö, Titanik Gallery, Turku, FI 

2019  Today Is Our Tomorrow festival, Publics, FI

2019   Ecologies of Darkness: Building Ground on Shifting Sands, The passage, In collaboration with Colonial neighbours, 

            Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, DE

2018   Entangled-Me & Hair II, Objekti Festival, Espoon keskus, Espoo, FI

2018   A Dream That Came True? Part II, NSU symposium & mini festival, Fårö, SE

2017-18  Silta/Bridge, curated by Veikko Halmetoja, Virka Galleria, Helsinki, FI

2017   Group exhibition, Sarvestan Gallery, Kerman, IR

2017   A Dream That Came True? II & III - Marriage & Pleasure II, Distribution of Crisis, Mältinranta gallery, Tampere, FI

2017   Movement, FemF (annual feminist forum) Art Exhibition, Valssaamo, Helsinki, FI

2017   Konstrundan Open Studio, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI

2016   Engendered, Studio 44, Stockholm, SE

2016   Engendered, Götheborg festival, SE

2016   Visitor ed.3, curated by Marek Pluciennik, Kattilahalli, Suvilahti, Helsinki, FI

2016   Distribution of crisis, Valssaamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI

2016   Multiplicities / Multiple cities, Curated by Anna Ruth, Äkkigalleria, Jyväskylä, FI

2015   Open studio, Camac Art Centre, FR

2015   Objekti exhibition, Installation at Enteresse, Espoonkeskus, FI

2015   Masculinisation, Studio 44, Stockholm, SE

2015   New Present, Mänttä Art Festival, curated by Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger, Mänttä, FI

2015   Current state, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI

2015   Paljastus (exposure), Galleria Värinä, Rovaniemi, FI

2015   Women Communicating Across and Through Art, Cultural centre Caisa, Helsinki, FI

2014   Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, TW

2014   Exhibition Kubri Alhamir, Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, FI

2014   Art Exhibition, Powen Gallery, Taipei, TW

2013   Antidote7, Group painting exhibition, Gallery Jongva, Helsinki, FI

2013   Erotus (difference) exhibition, Glue factory,15th February, Glascow, UK

2013   Antidote 6: Taking time Exhibition, Curated by Teemu Mäki & Nora Sternfeld, galleria Agusta, Helsinki, FI

2012   Painting exhibition 100 artists 100 works, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, IR

2007   Photography exhibition Our SocietyUniversity of Mazandaran, Babolsar, IR

2004   Group Painting exhibition, Shahid Bahonar University, Art Department

2002   Photography Exhibition in Sana’ti Contemporary Art Museum of Kerman, IR



2020   Performance Limbo/Barzakh, Rex Fest Feminism, Gender & Real Action curated by Tytti Rantanen (Av-arkki), Amos Rex Museum, FI.

2019   Performance at  Riga Performance Festival, LV

2017   Performing at Porin Juhlaviikot (Pori Performance Festival)Gallery 3h+k, Pori, FI

2016   Performance Consensual Body in Motion, With Egle Oddo, FEMF (feminist forum), Helsinki, FI

2016   Performance Other, The Image, The Visitors ed.3, Kattilahalli Suvilahti, Helsinki, FI

2016   Performance Distance between Me & You, Valssaamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI

2016   Performance Austerity Politics and social interrelation, with Egle Oddo, Vantaa Art museum Artsi, FI

2015   Performance Meet the Other Catalysti, international week against racism, Lavaklubi, Helsinki, FI

2015   Performance Matter of Land, Matkalla Pohojolaan, Lavaklubi, Helsinki, FI

2014   Performance Different Faces of Us, together with Anna Knappe, "Object" festival, Espoo, FI

2014   Performance Different Faces of Us, Gallery Augusta, Suomenlina, Helsinki, FI

2013   Performance Different Faces of Us, Sepideh Rahaa & Anna Knappe, Kampi, Helsinki, FI

2013   Performance Dialogue Off, Persepolis, Shiraz, IR

2013   Performance Minority , at Tehran metro station, IR

2013   Performance based on story of Zahhak from Shahnameh  Fredowsi, part of the project “Taking Time”,        

            Gallery Augusta, Helsinki, FI



2020   Screening  In Transition at Today Is Our Tomorrow online, film program, Publics, FI

2019   Screening Entangled:ME & HAIR , Mechanics of Conformity, Äkkigalleria, Jyväskylä, FI

2019   Screening Entangled:ME & HAIR at Puhutaan hiuksista - Let's talk about hair-Mechanics of Conformity, Vuotalo, FI

2019   Screening In Transition – Elokuvanäytös | Satakielikuukausi, Stoa, FI

2018   Screening In Transition, Pori Film Festival, FI

2018   Screening A Dream That Came True?, Mini festival NSU symposium, Fårö, SE

2018   Screening video series A Dream That Came True?, Researching Migration Through Art & Media, University of Tampere, FI

2018   Screening video series A Dream That Came True?, Radical Relevances Conference, Aalto University, Espoo, FI

2018   Screening In Transition and intervention at 5th Conference on Artistic Research, Tate Liverpool, UK

2017   Screening A Dream That Came True? II, Gallery 3h+k, Pori, FI

2017   Screening The Distance, FEMF Art, Third Space Gallery, Helsinki, FI

2017   Screening Entangled-ME & HAIR, Mechanics of Conformity, Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2016   Screening One Ocean Is The Distance at MUU Gala, Helsinki, FI

2016   Screening Austerity Politics and social interaction, with Egle Oddo, Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2015   Screening The Distance at the 7th edition of International Festival of Creativity & Digital Culture, Spain & Japan

2015   Screening Matter of Land, OFF Triennial event of the 6th Triennial of Pirkanmaa, FI

2015   Screening Matter of Land at Objekti  Festival at  Enteresse, Espoonkeskus, FI


2019-  Member of Network for Norm-Critical Leadership in Arts and Cultures of Nordic region, Culture for All, FI, SE, DK

2019-  Member of International Society for Education through Art: InSEA

2019-  Member of AV-arkki the Centre for Finnish Media Art, FI

2018-19  Board member of SKY (Finnish Curators Union), FI

2016-  Board member of Globe Art Point  association (G.A.P) vice chair (2019-2021), FI

2015-  Collective member at Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2014-  Member of Artist association MUU, FI

2013-  Member of Catalysti the Transcultural artist association, FI

2018   Member of Jury for HICP (Helsinki International Curatorial Programme) for the year 2019, Frame & HIAP, FI


2020  Guest curator and jury member for the HAM gallery's 2021 art exhibition program, Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki, FI

2019  Curator, Third Space Video and Short Film Screening program, Theme Control together with Elina Nissinen, Stoa Music Hall, FI

2019  Encouraging Participatory Activities by Artistic & Innovative Public Practices, with Urban Institute Latvia,  

           Third Space Gallery, FI.

2019  Organiser Representation l Narration l Diversity: A seminar for museums in Uusimaa region together with Keme Pellicer,

           Venu Dhupa, HAM Museum & G.A.P. FI

2019  Curator, Exhibition Square, Stoa, Helsinki, FI

2017  Curator, Exhibition Mommy When Will I get Married, Artist  Ahmet Kavas, Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2017  Curator, The two-days artistic intervention and event (Non)Institutions & Their Role In The Art World

           in collaboration between Third Space and Estonian Museum of Contemporary Art (EKKM), Tallinn, EE

2017  CuratorCatalysti's INCLUSIVE event for the week against racism, Lavaklubi, Helsinki, FI

2016  Curator, Video art festival with the theme Borders, Videokanava, Tampere, FI

2015  Curator, Exhibition Raw Material, Norwegian artists Lena Katrine & Heidi Anett at Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2015  Curator, Exhibition Brain and Memory, Artist Kristina Karlsen at Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2015  Curator, Exhibition One Day Evening, Photographs by Iranian artist Ali Kiany at Third Space, Helsinki, FI

2015- Artist-curator at Third Space Gallery, Helsinki


2015   Video “ One Ocean is The Distance “ , Mänttä-Vilppula Collection

2015   Photograph “Flourish”, Mänttä-Vilppula Collection

2013   Painting “ Suffocation I”, Private collection Taiwan

2012-18 Private collections Iran 


2019 MOC residency, Riihimäki, FI

2015  Artist in residence at Camac, Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre, France, 1stNovember-30thDecember

2014  Artist in residence at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder(LKV), Trondheim, Norway, May-June



2020   Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Project grant (MOC collective) 

2019   DoD Grant, Travel grant, Aalto University

2019   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Project grant (MOC collective) 

2018-  Koneen Säätiö, Working granT, Doctoral dissertation (4 years) 

2018   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Project grant (MOC collective) 

2018   DoD Grant, Travel grant, Aalto University

2018   Frame Contemporary Finland, Travel Grant

2017   Nylands Svenska Kulturfonds, group Exhibition

2017   Koneen Säätiö, 1 year working grant

2017   Taike, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Project grant

2016   Frame, Travel grant, Gothenburg Festival

2016   Taike, Project Grant.

2016   Suomen kulttuurirahasto, 5 month Working grant

2015   Frame, Travel grant, France

2015   Camac Art Centre, France, Residency grant

2015   Kuvasto, Visek, Post-production grant

2015   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Project grant

2015   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Exhibition grant

2015   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, 2 month residency in France

2014   Koneen Sääitiö, working grant for the production of a video, XX Mänttä Festival, FI

2014   Aalto arts grant for the exhibition “Current State”, FI

2014   Aalto University, Exhibition “The Passage”, NO

2014   IF Plus Cultural LAB, Funding for The Passage exhibition, NO


2019  (Co)Existing in the Finnish Landscape, Special Issue: Borderless: Global Narratives in Art Education, Synnyt/origins, 2019.
2017  Article My Feminism:  In Transition, Between Now & Then, Published by Pro Artibus for the exhibition
 at Gallery Elverket 

2016  Master’s degree thesis: Nationalism, Exile and Agony on Contemporary Art, Aalto University Art Department, FI

           investigation representation of Middle Eastern Art in the Western contemporary art scene 

2015  New Present, Exhibition Catalogue, XX Mänttä art Festival, Mänttä, FI

2015  Aalto Festival’s booklet, Current State exhibition, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI

2008  Article  role of mysticism in forming Persian painting (9-10th centuries), Faculty of art, Shahed university   

           Analytical Research Journal, 2008 -NO 7.

2007  Semiotics of colours in Sohrab Sepehri’s paintings and poetry, Tehran Contemporary of Art booklet, Tehran, IR


2019   Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities, In conversation with Martta Tuomaala, Frame, FI

2019   Presenter at the NORA Conference –Border Regimes, Territorial Discourses & Feminist Politics, Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference

            (RIKK), University of Iceland, IS

2019   Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities, In conversation with Razan Abou Askar, Frame, FI

2019   Speaker at ARKADIA SEURA’S seminar: IS THE FINNISH ART FIELD DIVERSE, OPEN AND EQUAL?, Small-Parliament, FI

2018   Guest artist and talk for the course Cultural Diversity & Multi Literacy, Aalto University, FI

2018   Speaker at Representing Migration, presenting works and participating in mini festival, NSU symposium, Fårö, SE

2018   Speaker at MAECP Open Lecture Day, On role of art institutions, Theatre Academy, University of Art Helsinki, FI

2018   Speaker at festival on art/research methods, Researching Migration Through Art & Media, University of Tampere, FI

2018   Presenter at Radical Relevances Conference, Aalto University, Espoo, FI

2018   Presenter at Provoking Research and Social Intervention, 5th Conference on Artistic Research, Tate Liverpool, UK

2018   Presenter at Political arts and aesthetics in the everyday, Appearances of the political, University of Copenhagen, DK

2018   Teacher the course Artistic Practice and Funding Process, VICCA program, Aalto University, Art department

2017   Panel Discusser: Violence against women, Cinemaissí film festival, Luckan, Helsinki

2017   Teacher course Artistic Practice and Funding Process, VICCA program, Aalto University, Art department

2017   Grant Clinic workshop for artists, Globe Art Point, Helsinki

2017   Community art project with youth: Ole Hyvä Helsinki in collaboration with Helsinki City Youth Department, Leading 10 young    

            people to produce artworks and exhibit at Itäkeskus Metro station.

2017   Grant Clinic workshop for artists, Globe Art Point, Helsinki, FI

2017   Speaker for Seminar at Åbo Academy Gender Department in collaboration with Salla Tuori, Turku, FI

2017   Guest artist for the course Artist in Society, VICCA program, Aalto University, FI

2016   Panelist for the discussion Reshaping the possible Finland, Invited by Taike; The Arts Promotion Centre, FI

2016   Panelist for the discussion Displaced Artists and Art as a Way of Inclusion, Taike, The Arts Promotion Centre, FI

2016   Teacher course Identity in collaboration with artist Lora Dimova, , Taidekoulu MAA, Helsinki, FI

2016   Teacher course Identity in collaboration with artist Lora Dimova, Nordiska Konstkolan, Kokkola, FI

2015   Guest lecturer at Aalto University for the course Cultural Diversity & Multi Literacy, Helsinki, FI

2015   Teacher the course Identity in collaboration with artist Lora Dimova, Taidekoulu MAA, Helsinki, FI

2015   Guest lecturer at Taidekoulu MAA, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, FI

2014   Guest Lecturer at Kuvataideakatemia for the course Norm Critical Art Circle, Helsinki, FI

2014-16  Teaching Fine Arts courses at Ressu School, Helsinki, FI

2013-2015 Fine Arts teacher at Annantalo art and cultural centre, Helsinki, FI

2008   Instructor in Azad university of Tehran, sculpting course, IR

2008- 2012 Head of Department at Marlik Higher Education, Nowshahr, IR

​2008   Instructor in Shariati university of Tehran , drawing II, IR

2008 -2012 Instructor of Marlik Higher Education , Painting and drawing, visual art fundamentals courses

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