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Mänttä Art Festival; New Present To Open Up The Senses And Provoke Thought

One Ocean Is The Distance

A multimedia installation: 

HD video together with a self portrait and three photographs of live performances in public places in Iran

June 2015

Director, writer and editor Sepideh Rahaa  I  Sound artist: Ana Gutieszca  

Performers Sepideh Rahaa, Shoora Sadatizarrini I Photographers: Sepideh Rahaa, Ali Kiany 

8 min HD video I 16:9 I Stereo I Dialogue in Farsi I Subtitle in English 

Supported by

Kone Säätiö  I Taiteen edistämiskeskus I Kuvasto


Artist examines her lived experiences in Iran and Finland combining landscape with poetry. The video work is made based on memories of places and erasing the geographical and/or mental distances between two cultures through resemblance. The infinite horizon of the sea is where the home is located referring to sense of belonging and freedom. Rahaa’s work is inspired by Iranian prominent singer Qamar-ol-Molouk Vaziri (1905-1959), who was the first Iranian woman who performed music publically and changed course of Iranian history for over half a century while retaining her reputation.

The curators of year 2015, summer’s Mänttä Art Festival, Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger, have invited to the exhibition an impressive sample of international artists working in Finland. At the festival, spatial, audio and video installations as well as community art projects take centre stage. The works of 43 artists and artist groups create a phenomenal whole that offers new perspectives on the world today.

Video still, One Ocean Is The Distance

Still image of the video One Ocean Is The Distance

Interviewed by

 Giovanna Espostio Yussif

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