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Different faces of us

Collaborative performance

Sepideh Rahaa with Anna Knappe

5 days at Narinkkatori, in front of Shopping center Kamppi, Helsinki, Finland. 

Later there more performances was done in Espoonkeskus and Gallery Augusta

Photographed by Ahsan Masoud Anwari

2013-2014 Finland

This is a project about women's change based on social and cultural facts within different circumestances. This project focuses on the barriers and boundaries and freedom between people with different background and culture in the society, mostly between citizens and migrants. Because of differences between their culture, religion, social aspects they start to avoid facing eachother in the society.  The first factor which is meaningful in societies is the appearance of people. In this project emphasis is on women appearance and their freedom of choice to be covered or not to be. It is a try to make it understandable more for the audience that how social and cultural factors are important and make differences. If people see the difference they will not deny each other's presence.

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