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An Artistic Intervention at Tate Liverpool UK 2018

On borders which separate us and preventing some of us from living and working together

For my colleagues and friends in the 5th conference on Arts Based Research & Artistic Research: Provoking Research and Social Intervention, Tate Liverpool. This statement is an action related to current state of migration and borders in today's world which stops many of us from doings, livings and participations. This statement has been presented at the conference as an artistic intervention. I was invited to participate in the conference, yet I was the only one prevented from attending it, because I didn't receive my visa and passport in time. I was told that my passport "is lost and nobody can help". As a result I was not able to attend the conference. One day after the end of conference, I received my passport with a granted visa in it. Despite being prevented from physical attendance, I chose to be proactive and not to be passive, I have delivered this message on my behalf, and many others. I was informed by my professor and other colleagues that my voice echoed well and loudly! This statement was screened together with the video work "In Transition" in the conference.

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