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Hybrid Identities 

An ongoing photography series 


The series is an exploration on sensitive issues of nationalism and identity formation for women who live in Finland. What does it mean to be a woman having roots elsewhere and meanwhile rooting in another society and associating oneself with it? Metaphors and poetics of memory, home, sense of belonging and going beyond by simply 'being oneself and resistant' are as parts of concepts related to this series which are realised in conversation with several participants. The photography series is not based or produced based on documentary or journalistic approach, rather allegorical and poetic one.


This series is part of the long term and ongoing project titled 'A Dream That Came True?' Addressing process of settling down for a person with West Asian (the so called Middle Eastern) roots in a Western society while questioning notion of "Utopia" as an imagined society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its 'citizens'.


This work is supported by Kone Foundation. 

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