The Others In Our History

An ongoing project on gender and social affects on women's life (after their migration and before)

Who are The Others and whose history we speak?

Camac Art Centre France & Finland 3rd November-23rd December 2015-2017

Gothenburg festival Sweden 8-12th June


This interdisciplinary project focuses on the reality of life of female individuals and their daily life struggles caused by social norms concerning their body and their ways of being, women who have dealt with their body in different circumstances and societies. 

This project deals with presence, body, spaces and the reduction of distances based on the similarities of different places and times. 

It reflects on life of ordinary people who cross the borders, people who bring a significant change in their life and environment by actively contributing to the cultural and social context of society while breaking the norms and build up its history. This Project is focused on the invisibility and visibility of them and their struggles, issues of gender and cultural impacts, ways of being while breaking the social rules are important elements of this artistic investigation.

This project was realized in Finland and during the residency at Camac Art centre in France , in collaboration with Iranian artist and filmmaker Jamileh Nedai and will be carried out further in Finland.


Project and the residency has been supported by Taiteen edistämiskeskus Finland, Frame Contemporary art Finland, and Camac art Centre.

Sepideh Rahaa, The Others In Our History